About Highlight Pictures Film Production Company based in Ukraine

Highlight Pictures is a young film production company based in Kyiv, Ukraine that covers all aspects of your film project: from idea development to final product distribution.

Highlight Pictures was founded in 2010 and has already invested into the production of three feature-length films as well as prepared them for theatrical release. This is a truly remarkable achievement if you look at the film-making trends in Eastern Europe. 

Our principles:

Innovation. Highlight Pictures has invested into the production of the first Ukrainian 3D horror movie Synevir.

The business of cinema can be analyzed and calculated. We look at cinema with an experienced eye. Film-making is about planning not relaxing. That doesn't mean we don't get our share of entertainment along the way.

Film production in Ukraine has a potential to become competitive internationally. Talented actors, breathtaking locations and state-of-the art equipment – these are the three components of your film's success that we can guarantee.

Our goals:

Use personal example to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the Ukrainian film industry;

Create accommodating infrastructure for the effective coordination of all components of the film production in Ukraine, starting from the author of the idea to the distributor.

Quality services we can offer You: Shall you ever need to buy a movie or program scenario, audit a film project, shoot a movie clip, commercials or run a successful and creative PR-campaign – make sure you stop by.

   Michael Maltsev - Executive Producer, CEO     Nicholas Bazanov - Executive Producer, PR    

Michael Maltsev
Producer, CEO

+38 050 574 52 00
Nicholas Bazanov
Executive Producer

+38 050 526 88 66