Ukrainian Film Industry Questions and Answers


Q: What is the share of the domestic box office among the Ukrainian distribution companies? 

A: Ukrainian distributors share on the domestic box office (23.06.2013 Source: Variety Russia):

 Company   Share  Box office billion
B&H 43,61% $22,921
Ukrainian Film
17,07% $8,973
Kinomania 13,34% $7,013
Galeonkino 10,67% $5,608
Inter-Film 7,32% $3,849
Avrora 6,95% $3,651
Others 1,04%  

Q: How many screens are there in Ukraine? How many screens are digital (DCP)?

A: July 2013 – 400 screens – 50% digital.

Q: What are the most popular genres in the Ukrainian film distribution?

A: Science fiction – 21%, animation – 18%, comedy – 17%, fantasy – 16%, action – 11%, drama – 9,4%, horrors, thrillers, biopic – 5,6%, historical films – less than 1%.

Source: Multiplex Holding specialists analytics.

TOP-3 Ukrainian film releases (23.06.2013 Source:

Title Distributor Screens Box office billion Audience
Iron Man-3 B&H 130 $3,330 0,521

Oz The Great and Powerful

В&H 143 $3,013 0,488
Life of Pi UFD 97 $2,572 0,383

Q: What is the annual Ukrainian box office (2012)?

A: $95,440 billion.

Q: How much does an average movie ticket cost in Ukraine?

A: About $5.


Q: How many Ukrainian fiction feature films will be completed and released in 2013?

A: 12 films. In 2012 eleven films were made. For more information see Ukrainian Film Guide (PDF)


Q: Where can I find a database of Ukrainian film producers?

A: Ukrainian Film Producers

Q: Where can I find the list and contacts of the Ukrainian film companies?

A: Ukrainian Film Industry Guide 2013

Q: Which international co-production agreements have been already signed between Ukraine and other countries?

A: There is a co-production agreement with France. The agreements with Poland and Georgia are scheduled to be signed in 2014.

Q: Is there a Ukrainian film guide?

A: Ukrainian Film Guide 2013

Ukrainian Film Festivals

Molodist International Film Festival

Odessa International Film Festival

DocuDays on Human Rights


Ukrainian State Film Agency

Association on Management of Audiovisual Rights ARMA-Ukraine

Pshenycnhy Central State Film, Photo and Phono Archive of Ukraine

Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Film Centre (Ukrainian State Film Archive)

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by Nicholas Bazanov