Feathered Dreams movie: Nollywood comes to Estonia in unexpected way

Ukrainian film produced for African audience will soon premiere on Estonian public TV channel.

Feathered Dreams is the first feature-length movie in history of the Ukrainian filmmaking originally shot in English. The lead female role is performed by Nollywood star Omoni Oboli. All the movie scenes were shot in Ukraine.

Screenshot from Feathered Dreams movie

Estonian Public Broadcasting Company that owned 17.4% of the Estonian TV market in 2010 expressed interest in acquiring Feathered Dreams in the winter of 2015. The deal was closed in February 2016. With the agreement signed in Kyiv, Ukraine, Estonian Public Broadcasting Company acquired rights to perform Feathered Dreams three times during the next three years on one of the TV channels owned by the company ETV, ETV2 or ETV+. The film will be dubbed into Estonian.