Highlight Pictures brings two films to this year's Marché du Film

On May 21, 2013 at 5:30 PM, a premier screening of the first ever Ukrainian English-language drama film Feathered Dreams will take place at Cannes (Palais H).

Fethered Dreams Market Premiere

About Feathered Dreams

Feathered Dreams, starring Nollywood's Omoni Oboli, is the first film produced in Ukraine with African film markets in mind.

The company behind the film Kyiv-based Highlight Pictures has also produced such feature films as Lovers in Kiev and Synevir.

Feathered Dreams is based on a true story of Sade, a young medical student from Nigeria who dreams of a career as singer. Challenged by many circumstances of life as a foreign student in Kyiv, Sade perseveres with confidence and supported by.. her Ukrainian boyfriend Denis.

Like Sade's real-life story, Feathered Dreams is set to become an exemplary alliance between Africans and Ukrainians.


Watch or download the trailer
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About Nympho, a short film by Highlight Pictures

Nympho is a festival-targeting short by Ukrainian film-maker Oleg Borshchevskyi, a brave exploration of erotic drama genre. 

Nympho Short Film Corner (Cannes)

Nympho is scheduled to premier at Cannes' Short Film Corner.

Apart from the above two film screenings, Highlight Pictures present two new projects at the 2013 Marché du Film: Pilot & Actress, a feature for children, and My Dad is a Rock Star , a short starring an Ukrainian rock celebrity.

by Nicholas Bazanov