Feathered Dreams poster, afisha

Name: Feathered Dreams

Genre: Drama

Cast: Omoni Oboli, Andrew Rozhen, Evgeniy Kazantsev, Austeen Eboka, Philippa Peter

Directors: Andrew Rozhen

Website: feathereddreams.hlp.in.ua

Feathered Dreams, starring Nollywood's Omoni Oboli, is the first film produced in Ukraine with African film markets in mind.

Feathered Dreams is based on a true story of Sade, a young medical student from Nigeria who dreams of a career as singer. Challenged by many circumstances of life as a foreign student in Kyiv, Sade perseveres with confidence and supported by.. her Ukrainian boyfriend Denis. Like Sade's real-life story, Feathered Dreams is set to become an exemplary alliance between Africans and Ukrainians. Backstage Gallery

Producers: Igor Maron, Michael Maltsev, Philipp Rozhen, Austeen Eboka
Script by: Aleksandr Rozhen
Music by: Sergey Vusyk
Production Designer: Olga Shybalovskaya


Original Feathered Dreams Soundtrack - My Everything (performed by Gaitana)